152 Style

We believe that every client and every contract is unique

The 152 Catering proposition of freshly prepared food can be moulded to fit any size and scale of catering provision. Rather than rehash an existing operation, we like to think creatively about food and format, blending the client’s needs and objectives with our tried-and-tested methods of delivery.

We use only quality suppliers

Our suppliers really care about food and have a reputation to protect – and we build close working relationships with them. We pay careful attention to issues that are becoming increasingly important to consumers such as integrity of sourcing and the ethics of food production. Cost control is crucial in any catering operation, and here clients benefit from our independence: we are not tied to long-term deals negotiated from on high, but are free to pass on the benefits of market fluctuations.

We believe in efficient communications

Our Client Service allows us to stay in direct touch with customers and operational staff, while keeping trading, financial and administrative information at their fingertips. In addition, we have a flat management structure which ensures fast and responsive decision-making, and keeps the senior management team in close touch with the progress of each account.

Whatever the job, the basic 152 Catering ingredients are the same: a real love of food, buying expertise, financial transparency and, most important of all, exceptional value.